“It is an easy topic to unite around with support also from our board and senior management. And it just creates better business.”

Johan Bygge

Chairman, EQT Asia 

- Sustainability Builds Efficiency & Vice Versa: A chat with Johan Bygge 

"There is a great deal more to be done, but there is definitely growing confidence and belief in a more sustainable approach."

Matt Wilson

Corporate Affairs Director, Heineken Vietnam

- How Heineken Vietnam is "Brewing a Better World"

"It’s incredibly exciting to be working towards a world in which capital markets allocate resources on the basis of not just risk and return, as they have done for centuries, but risk, return and impact."

Shuyin Tang

Principal, Unitus Impact

- A look into CSR in Vietnam: Meet a venture capitalist pioneer!

"And, because they are working together over time, companies and nonprofits can work together to monitor and evaluate the impact of their partnership on the community."

Dana R.H. Doan

Founder & Strategic Advisor

LIN Centre of Community Development

- A look into CSR in Vietnam: Meet a community pioneer!